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Nook Simple Touch Review

Although I never often get the chance to sit down and read, I’d always been intrigued in an eReader, with the idea that it might get me to read more, especially due to portability and the fact I could take it to University and read on the Metro (I’ve been reading A Game of Thrones - not the smallest book to carry around). It wasn’t something high on my priorities however, until I was told about an offer on the Nook Simple Touch, a reduction from £79 to £29 in a campaign to increase reading. How could anyone resist?

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Data loss with Windows 8 and Linux dual-boot

The other day I booted up Linux and copied some files onto my hard drive so I could work on my project at University. As it turned out the following day, I needed to install some software on Linux before I could start working on my project, which was going to take an hour to download. Not wanting to waste that much time, I simply rebooted into Windows where I already had said software, expecting to just work there although I prefer Linux.

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