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Odd hard drive behaviour

Since I received my new laptop (Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook, review forthcoming), I’ve experienced some strange hard drive behaviour. The very first time I tried to partition it, I essentially corrupted my Windows installation. I thought I’d determined this to be a problem with Intel’s Smart Response Technology and Rapid Start Technology, both of which use the SSD to speed up the system. I have also since installed Windows 7 afresh after disabling those technologies, and partitioning the hard drive worked flawlessly.

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iTunes is not a replacement for Blu-ray

It came upon my notice that Apple hardware have been lacking optical drives as of recent. Notably the new iMac and MacBook Pro lack disc drives in entirety. This is not too surprising, Apple own iTunes of course, and any media that you would otherwise play in your optical drive can be purchased or rented there. Similarly any application you would want to install is potentially available on the App Store. Apple would like customers to use their ‘solutions’ instead of Blu-rays and DVDs.

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