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I said I would never buy a tablet

Tablets have always been an intriguing prospect for me; I love the world of mobile technology, and keep up to date with the latest phones, tablets and their operating systems, Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc.

But I said I would never buy a tablet. Why? Because although they do indeed have their uses, they are way too overpriced to warrant a purchase. Take the ASUS Transformer Prime for example, an excellent tablet, but it costs £499. I could buy a laptop with that price, or at least be close to one I’d buy! It’s inconceivable to think that would be a decent investment. So what’s changed?

China Tablets

Little did I know, there are a multitude of Chinese manufacturers developing and producing cheap Android tablets. Brands such as Ainol (please reserve your amusement) and Onda amongst others are producing quite respectable products, but more importantly, cheap products.

This all appears to be down to a relatively cheap CPU that has been developed, the AllWinner A10. Okay it might be no Exynos, Tegra, OMAP or Snapdragon, but it incorporates some decent features. It is based on an ARM Cortex-A8 processor (similar to the first iPad, original Galaxy Tab and many phones), with a Mali-400 GPU, which can be found in phones such as the Galaxy S II. Not too bad by all means.

This processor is often incorporated with IPS screens, 1GB RAM, 8-16GB storage, which make for some exceptional tablets. But I reiterate, the main selling point is the price. At £150-£200 I find a tablet a lot more appealing, cheaper than my dire netbook and FAR cheaper than a decent laptop.

The Onda Vi40

This wasn’t the first tablet I considered buying, no I was originally aiming for the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora. However that was not in stock (and might not be for a while) so I opted for this instead:

The Onda Vi40

As you can see from the video below, it works pretty well:

So I went back on my word, I actually bought a tablet. I’m still unsure of whether I should have waited for the Ainol to be back in stock (it was a lot cheaper) and I haven’t received it yet, but when I do I may well write a review. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.