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The 'high pitched noise' saga continues

For the few that have any knowledge this blog exists, less actually read it, you may know that my desktop has suffered from an incessant high pitched noise emanating from the motherboard since I purchased it in 2011.

I had some success in limiting it, disabling the C3 and C6 C-states in the EFI setup appeared to ensure the motherboard kept quiet. Linux disagreed sometimes and the noise continued, but eventually (and a considerable amount of kernel updates since), that complied too. All was fine, besides the fact, if I am not mistaken, Turbo Boost had been disabled.

Then I upgraded to Windows 8, and the noise returned. By this point I had had enough, and chose to replace the motherboard under ASUS’ warranty. Two weeks or so passed, while I used my laptop in the meantime (review still forthcoming!), and eventually I received my replacement. Excellent, I rebuilt my computer and everything was fine and quiet and altogether brilliant. At last.

However after spending quite some time rendering 1080p HD video, and playing the odd game, and other such strenuous tasks, the high pitched noise has reappeared. Not as loud, nor as irritating as the previous board, but it is there.

And so I’m back to the same situation as before. I could attempt another replacement, but will that solve anything? The chance it has exactly the same problem is quite high. Needless to say, two weeks without my desktop wasn’t hugely fun either. I doubt I am able to get a refund to purchase a different motherboard entirely considering this motherboard is part of a pre-built PC (a dire mistake of a purchase, but what is done is done). And finally (although I’ll try it again) disabling C3 and C6 doesn’t seem to silence it any more.

What to do indeed.